Dog Ears Music: Volume 145

Rosie and The Goldbug
Brit-pop trio Rosie and The Goldbug was founded in Cornwall, England, in the late aughts by vocalists Rosie Vanier (keys), Sarah Morgan (drums), and Lee Matthews (bass). Laced with swagger and vulnerability, the ensemble unleashed five recordings during their all-too-brief union, which ended in '09. Collaborations/shared stages include Cyndi Lauper, El Presidente, and Marcella Detroit. Play it loud with "Strange Girl," from their 2008 full length Rosie and The Goldbug.

Genre: Rock

Artist: Rosie and The Goldbug

Song: Strange Girl

Album: Rosie and The Goldbug

Black Heat
Soul-funk unit Black Heat was the early-'70s union of Johnell Gray (keyboards), Bradley Owens (guitar), Chip Jones (bass), and Raymond Green (percussion). Additional members were Esco Cromer, Ray Thompson, and Rodney Edwards. The band went on to release three albums for Atlantic Records, flirting with chart success. Collaborations include David "Fathead" Newman and Joel Dorn. Get "Super Cool," from their 1974 No Time to Burn.

Genre: Soul/Funk

Artist: Black Heat

Song: Super Cool

Album: No Time to Burn

Ami Koita
West African singer Ami Koita was born in Djoliba, Mali (birthplace of griot legend Salif Keita), in 1952. Ami started singing at the age of 6, and by her teens, she joined the National Instrumental Ensemble of Mali. Koita sings in the jalimusolu (praise) style, with reverence to spirit. Collaborations include Tabu Ley and Zaire's Afrisa. Get started with "Sarama," from the 2007 release Ami Koita-Classic Titles.

Genre: World

Artist: Ami Koita

Song: Sarama

Album: Ami Koita-Classic Titles

Apostle of Hustle
Toronto experimental collective Apostle of Hustle is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Whiteman (vocals, guitar, bass, piano). A co-member of Broken Social Scene, Whiteman enlisted Julian Brown (guitar, bass, keys, vocals), Dean Stone (drums, percussion, keyboard), and Martin Davis Kinack (loops, sample electronics) to round out the lineup. Since its founding in 2001, Apostle of Hustle has issued a handful-plus of releases to date. Discover the wide-ranging quartet with "Jimmy Scott Is the Answer," from the 2007 National Anthem of Nowhere.

Genre: Alternative

Artist: Apostle of Hustle

Song: Jimmy Scott Is the Answer

Album: National Anthem of Nowhere

Iranian singer/actress Googoosh, a.k.a. Faegheh Atashin, was born in Tehran in 1950. Her early-childhood love of theatrics and music was instilled by her showman father. At the age of 7, she made her first film. Nearing 20, the Westernized Googoosh became a fearless and deeply respected role model for the women of Iran. In 1979, the boot heel of the Iranian Revolution swept women off the stage, and Googoosh was banned from performing. In 2000, she made a comeback, touring overseas. Credits include over 20 albums and more than two dozen films. Among her accolades are the Midem First Prize (1971), Tunisia's first Medal of Art (1972), and the Sepas Best Actress award (1973). Download "Mordab," from the "Persian Diva"'s 1990 release Persian Music: Googoosh 3, Dou Mahi.

Genre: World

Artist: Googoosh

Song: Mordab

Album: Persian Music: Googoosh 3, Dou Mahi

Calvin Harris
Singer/songwriter and producer Calvin Harris is a modern disco throwback. Born in early-'80s Scotland, Harris sculpts an authentic sound for the era he "big ups." After making his first recordings in his home studio, he released club singles for the Prima Facie label, then relocated to London. In the mid-aughts, back in Scotland, Harris posted homegrown demos online shortly before inking with EMI. Collaborations/shared stages include Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, and Kylie Minogue. With an electro-trove to collect, discover "This Is the Industry," from Harris's 2007 I Created Disco.

Genre: Dance

Artist: Calvin Harris

Song: This Is the Industry

Album: I Created Disco