Dog Ears Music: Volume 186

This week, we review albums by The Caretaker, Jimmie Lunceford, Arthur Russell, Astronautalis, and more.
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Genre: Ambient Glory

Artist: The Caretaker

Song: All You Are Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There

Album: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford

Song: Rhythm Is Our Business

Album: Rhythm Is Our Business

Genre: Alternative

Artist: Arthur Russell

Song: I Couldn't Say It to Your Face

Album: Love Is Overtaking Me

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rock

Artist: Astronautalis

Song: The Wondersmith and His Sons

Album: Pomegranate

Genre: Jazz/Pop

Artist: Odette Lara

Song: Canção em Modo Menor

Album: Contrastes

Genre: Rock

Artist: Haale

Song: Ay Del

Album: Paratrooper

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