Dog Ears Music: Volume 224

This week we review music by Marvin Etzioni, Graham Coxon, The Head and The Heart, Pinback, Morcheeba and more.
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In forever loving memory of Dick Clark and Levon Helm.

Genre: Alternative Country

Artist: Marvin Etzioni

Song: Hold Fast Your Dreams

Album: Marvin Country!

Genre: Rock

Artist: Graham Coxon

Song: Me You, We Two

Album: The Sky Is Too High

Genre: Alternative

Artist: The Head and The Heart

Song: Down in the Valley

Album: The Head and The Heart

Genre: Alternative

Artist: Pinback

Song: 3X0

Album: Summer in Abaddon

Artist: Morcheeba

Song: Recipe for Disaster

Album: Blood Like Lemonade

Genre: Alternative

Artist: Luke Temple

Song: More Than Muscle

Album: Don't Act Like You Don't Care

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