Dog Ears Music: Volume 299

This week's playlist includes music by Crabby Appleton, Tangerine Dream, Marlena Shaw, Kendra Morris, and more.
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Genre: Rock

Artist: Crabby Appleton

Song: To All My Friends

Album: Crabby Appleton

Genre: Jazz Latin World

Artist: Guillermo Portabales

Song: Bajo una Palmera

Album: Al Vaivén de Mi Carreta

Genre: Electronic

Artist: Tangerine Dream

Song: Phaedra

Album: Phaedra

Genre: R&B/Vocal

Artist: Marlena Shaw

Song: Woman of the Ghetto

Album: The Spice of Life

Genre: Pop

Artist: The Peddlers

Song: You're the Reason I'm Living

Album: The Peddlers-Part One

Genre: R&B/Soul

Artist: Kendra Morris

Song: Banshee

Album: Banshee

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