Dog Ears Music: What to Play While the Analyst Is Away


Song: The Co-Dependent

Album: We Are Born

Genre: Pop

The Beatles

Song: Fixing a Hole

Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Genre: Rock

Yank Rachell

Song: Blue and Worried Woman

Album: Legendary Country Blues Artists (Disc C)

Genre: Blues

Peter Tosh

Song: No Sympathy

Album: Legalize It

Genre: Reggae


Song: Dark Messages

Album: The Virgin Suicides (Soundtrack From the Motion Picture)

Genre: Soundtrack

Black Diamond Heavies

Song: Guess You Gone and F****d It All Up

Album: Every Damn Time

Genre: Rock

Thomas Dolby

Song: Hyperactive!

Album: The Flat Earth

Genre: Pop

The Raconteurs

Song: Rich Kid Blues

Album: Consolers of the Lonely

Genre: Alternative

A Brief Smile

Song: Honeycomb Shrinking

Album: Sunshine State

Genre: Alternative

The Rolling Stones

Song: Sympathy for the Devil

Album: Hot Rocks 1964-1971

Genre: Rock

Kevin Coyne

Song: Talking to No One

Album: Marjory Razorblade

Genre: Rock

Choir of Young Believers

Song: Hollow Talk

Album: This Is for the White in Your Eyes (Bonus Track Version)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Homer Quincy Smith

Song: I Want Jesus to Talk With Me

Album: American Primitive, Vol. II-Pre-War Revenants

Genre: Blues/Gospel

Rod Stewart

Song: I Don't Want to Talk About It

Album: Atlantic Crossing

Genre: Rock

District 97

Song: Mindscan V: Examination

Album: Hybrid Child

Genre: Rock

Pink Martini

Song: No Hay Problema

Album: Sympathique

Genre: Alternative

Idol Fodder

Song: Analyse My Life?

Album: Bäbytalk-EP

Genre: Alternative

Crystal Castles

Song: Tell Me What to Swallow

Album: Crystal Castles (Bonus Track Version)

Genre: Electronic

Elvis Costello

Song: Sneaky Feelings

Album: My Aim Is True

Genre: Rock

Bobby Womack

Song: Everyone's Gone to the Moon

Album: My Prescription

Genre: R&B/Soul

The The

Song: August & September

Album: Mind Bomb (Remastered)

Genre: Rock

Frankie Miller

Song: You Don't Need to Laugh

Album: Once in a Blue Moon

Genre: Rock

Sugar & The Hi-Lows

Song: Think I Said Too Much

Album: Sugar & The Hi-Lows

Genre: Singer/Songwriter


Song: Radio Cure

Album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Genre: Rock

Speckled Red

Song: We Got to Get That Fixed

Album: Speckled Red 1929-1938

Genre: Blues

Joni Mitchell

Song: Twisted

Album: Court and Spark

Genre: Singer/Songwriter