Dog With Human Hands Eating Peanut Butter Is What You Need Right Now

We ️ Opal.

Look, it’s been a rough month. It’s been a rough year.

So why don’t you take a couple minutes off and watch this nice video of a dog eating peanut butter with human hands?

(Note: While peanut butter is a common treat for dog owners to give their pets, be aware that dogs should avoid any peanut butter containing Xylitol, a potentially deadly ingredient. Choose creamy peanut butter to minimize choking risks and be aware of potential peanut allergies.)

As it turns out, Opal, the pit bull in the video, is up for adoption through New Jersey group FernDog Rescue Foundation. The person who posted the video, Instagram user ourpitstop, is currently fostering her. Curiously, Opal’s human arms and hands are not visible in other photos or videos.

Opal has some special medical needs and Fern Dogs describe her as a “happy-go-lucky, silly, resilient, loving girl who makes everyone smile with her antics.”

When you're away for the weekend and your pet sitter sends you photos like this. #thebest

A photo posted by AJ ~ rescuer.foster.advocate. (@ourpitstop) on

She definitely made us smile.

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