Bella, English Dog, Survives Fall Off 100-Foot Cliff, Finds Her Way Back Home

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Here's a feel-good story about a plucky puppy from across the pond.

Meet Bella, a 15-month-old black Labrador Retriever. When her owner, Chris Sexton, took her for a walk at their vacation home by the sea one day, the pooch ran after a seagull and fell off a 100-foot cliff, reports the Sun.

“I thought it was the end of her and I looked over the edge and thought I could see her on the beach but didn’t know if she was alive or dead," Chris told the Daily Echo. “When I got down there, there was no sign of her. I called and whistled for her but nothing."

He scoured the beach for 30 minutes, then phoned his wife, Jo, to deliver the bad news. Then, a mere 20 minutes later, Jo called back.

Somehow, Bella not only survived the fall, but had also navigated back up the cliff, and walked through the town's streets and coast roads, to an unfamiliar home. "It is quite amazing” Chris remarked to the Sun.

This isn't the first time an excited dog has taken a serious fall chasing after them.

In 2010, "Poppy," a springer spaniel, survived a 300-foot fall off the cliffs of nearby East Sussex. According to the Telegraph Poppy was also chasing a seagull at the time. She landed in water and suffered a collapsed lung, but has made a full recovery.

PHOTO of Bella and her owner, Chris Sexton:
dog returns home 100 foot fall

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