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Dog Fur Purses Are Hair To Stay (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Dog Fur Purses Are Hair To Stay

For those who preFUR high-fashion, HAIR'S something just for you.

Dog fur purses! Look at the pictures, then keep reading the words, please.

Dog Fur Purses

The handbags are the creation of Fur You by Doris' Doris Carvalho.

"I turn this groomed dog (hair) that would be garbage anywhere else in the world into these handbags," Carvalho said, according to BayNews9. "These handbags prove that high-end can be made eco-friendly from your pet for you."

Fur You's Kickstarter page explains that Carvalho collects donated hair from dog groomers and sterilizes it. She then turns the fur into thread and makes the purses.

FUR right now, the purses sell for $1,000, but Carvalho told BayNews she hopes to bring that price down once she starts mass-producing the handbags.

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