Sweet Dog Greets Family With Heart-Shaped Cushion Every Day

We ️ this pup.

No one could get tired of coming home to this every day.

Reddit user northernbloke posted a photo this week of his black lab, Gypsy, approaching him with a large heart-shaped pillow in her mouth. “I get greeted like this everyday,” the caption reads.


But northernbloke, from Lancashire, northwest England, told The Huffington Post that the overwhelming cuteness doesn’t stop.

The heart cushion is “just the beginning of a complex ritual we go through everyday,” said northernbloke, who wanted to keep his name anonymous over privacy concerns.


“First she brings the pillow and holds it out for you, but you cannot take it...no,” he wrote in an email to HuffPost. "Next she tends to walk tight little circles around you, all the while her tail whizzes around at great speed. Then she rolls onto her back for her belly to be tickled. After which she follows you around sneezing ... she sneezes when she is excited, it’s a bit weird, but adds to the cute appeal.”


He and his wife never trained Gypsy specifically to bring them the heart pillow, and the pooch made similar gestures with toys and shoes even before they bought the cushion.

“I know she doesn't know that the heart symbolises love, but its still extremely cute,” northernbloke said. “Obviously our reactions to her bringing the cushion has re-enforced that it is a good thing, therefore she repeats it to get praise.”

Gypsy, you sure know how to win a person over.

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