Dog Heroes: A Look At Heroic Canines Over The Years (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Four-Legged Heroes

Many heroes emerged in the aftermath of September 11th, including dogs.

Estimates suggest that hundreds of trained dogs and their handlers worked at 9/11 sites on search and rescue operations.

According to a USA Today special by Sharon L. Peters, "No matter the calamity, natural or man-made, no matter the location, these animals that just hours earlier were, for the most part, romping in the yard with their families or chasing squirrels in the fields arrive on site in full-work mode and don't rest until ordered by their handlers to do so."

Reuters reports on one dog named Red, now 12 years old, who searched through rubble at the Pentagon in 12 hour shifts, spending weeks recovering bodies.

While some oppose the use of animals for human purposes, particularly in warfare, most appreciate the heroism of these canines.

Below are photos of heroic canines over the years, from 9/11 searches to water lifeguarding to earthquake rescues. Take a moment to appreciate the four-legged heroes of the world. To learn about adopting a dog who needs a home, visit

 Italy Canine Lifeguards

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