This Spot-On Comic Nails How Your Dog Feels Home Alone

Poor little guy.

Leaving your dog at home alone for 15 minutes while you run to the store probably seems like no big deal. But for dogs, those 15 minutes can feel like an eternity.

Comic artist The Pigeon Gazette humorously illustrates the quiet desperation of a dog who has been left home alone.

The Pigeon Gazette
The Pigeon Gazette
The Pigeon Gazette

We’ll pause as you let the cuteness wash over you.

There’s nothing better than returning home to a dog who’s excited to see you. But if your dog exhibits certain destructive behaviors in your absence, like destructive chewing, frantic digging or urination, they might have separation anxiety. For dogs with separation anxiety, being left at home is deeply upsetting. Owners who have returned home to find their pups hyperventilating know this to be true.

Even the calmest, most well-adjusted dog can get lonely or cause a mess when left home alone. The key is training your dog to get used to temporary separation. For some dogs, this may be as easy as crate training. For others, you may have to invoke this harried dog parent’s “43-step program” to leaving your separation anxiety-ridden dog home alone. In either case, creating a safe, engaging space for your dog when you leave the house is crucial.

Here’s hoping you always come home to a happy, relaxed pup!

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