Adorable Dogs Teach Us How To Properly Hug It Out

Cute pups educate us on five different embraces.

Sometimes we just need a little help from man's best friend.

Four adorable dogs teach us how we should be hugging our significant others this Valentine's Day.

Five techniques -- the sly hug, the drag-in, the light touch, the criss-cross and the bear hug -- are all demonstrated in the clip. 

Emily Larlham, who owns the Dogmantics training school in San Diego, posted the "5 Different Hugs For Valentine's Day" video to YouTube on Wednesday.

It's going viral and by early Sunday had racked up more than 100,000 views.

Elsewhere, Lottie the border collie and German shepherd Grizzly became web stars last month thanks to some unbelievably cute hugging Vines, like this one:

And, further proving the power of the gentle hug, shelter dogs Kala and Keira were scheduled to die -- but were saved after a photo of them hugging trended.

Hug your loved ones, and hug them often.

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