Rambo The Dog Is This Ice Cream Truck’s Most Loyal (And Cutest) Customer


Children are not the only ones who eagerly listen out for those distinctive, happy chimes. One Huntsville, Alabama pup is his local ice cream truck’s most valued customer.

Rambo, a 2-year-old English Bulldog, loves popsicles so much that he runs toward the ice cream truck and jumps up to its counter, barely reaching the top.

Many dogs are scared of the truck’s music, its driver Akins Luwoye said.

But not Rambo. 

“It’s unique,” Luwoye told ABC31.

Ashish Silwal said his pup’s ice cream fix started about a year ago when he first heard the truck’s merry melody. Silwal has taken Rambo out for a treat ever since. 

Richard Goldstein, a veterinarian at the Animal Medicinal Center in New York City told The Huffington Post that a little bit of ice cream won’t hurt your dog.

“There are worse things for dogs than a little bit of ice cream,” he told The Huffington Post. “But dogs, like most mammalian species, aren’t meant to handle milk as adults, only as puppies.” Giving a grown pup too much milk can lead to serious health complications.

When Rambo gets older, Silwal can always purchase some doggie ice cream. Or make some pup-safe DIY frozen treats at home. But few things will ever replace the magic of the ice cream truck.  

Correction: A previous version of this article located Huntsville in the wrong state. We regret the error. 



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