A Dog Interrupted A Russian Newscaster But She's Clearly A Cat Lady

He's such a good dog!

Things got a little hairy for this Russian news anchor when her broadcast got interrupted by a furry friend. 

The internet gave an adorable dog his moment in the sun after he crashed Ilona Linarte’s newscast on Mir24 TV. Their one minute video has over 6 million views on YouTube and it’s easy to see why. Things start off so calm and escalate so quickly.

Linarte tried to keep cool at first, but started to freak out once our favorite news pooch got too close. She tried to get as far away from the dog without falling out of her seat and started yelling.

“I actually prefer cats,’’ she said, according to TODAY. “I’m a cat lady.”

Clearly, this pooch just wanted to meet the press. Today reports that the station followed up on their viral video, clarifying that the dog belonged to a guest and had gotten loose.

Once Linarte realized the news-dog wasn’t going to hurt her, she gaves him a nice pat on the head. least she tried.

You can watch the full encounter below.