Dog For iPhone 4? Weird Internet Swap Might Actually Be Serious (PHOTO)


Apparently some guy in Offaly, Ireland, wants to make a deal: His dog for your iPhone 4.

Not the iPhone 5. Not even the 4S. The 4. If you were the dog, you'd be kind of insulted. After all, that's a pretty nice-looking cocker spaniel.

Then again, the dog is 3 years old, so fair's fair... right?

The weird swap request appears to have been posted Jan. 8 to DoneDeal, an Irish classified ad site where users can hawk everything, including cars, electronics, and yes, animals. Large ones. Like horses.

"Loves kids and other animals," the ad for the dog reads. "Exchange for new 7/8/9/10 inch tablet or iPhone 4." That, or 70 Euros.

You've got to love his specificity, if not his intent. Way to sell out your best friend, man.

(via Reddit)


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