'Choose Your Humans Wisely,' Urges Viral Video That Hits Trump For Not Having A Dog

Trump's "lack of dog is simply a microcosm of his selfish, insensitive and cynical world view," said a founder of the Biden-backing group Dog Lovers for Joe.

Dog lovers are urged to “choose your humans wisely” in the 2020 election in a new viral video that points out a big difference between President Donald Trump and his predecessors.

The clip — released by a group called Dog Lovers For Joe — highlights how Trump (who reportedly hates dogs) is the first president in more than a century who doesn’t have a pet pooch in the White House.

The video begins with photos of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama playing with their pets. Then it cuts to footage of Trump mocking the idea of owning a dog and shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden with one of his German shepherds, Champ.

The slogan — “Choose your humans wisely” — then flashes onto the screen.

Check out the video here:

“This is the work of concerned Americans who don’t like the direction our country has taken over the last four years,” New York advertising boss Rob Schwartz, a co-founder of Dog Lovers for Joe, told HuffPost via email on Friday.

“We wrote the video to inspire people in Red states, Blue states and Swing states that Joe Biden is a good man. Usually, good people are good to their dogs. And dogs love them back,” Schwartz explained. “The fact that Trump doesn’t have a dog, and is the first president without a best friend in the White House in over 100 years really says something about him.”

Schwartz added: “Dogs also bring out the best in humans. Trump has brought out the worst in humanity. This lack of dog is simply a microcosm of his selfish, insensitive and cynical world view.”

The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media, which thrills Dog Lovers for Joe, said Schwartz.

“I’d really love it if some MAGA folks stopped for a second, looked at their pooches and were reminded of their own humanity and decency. And then saw that in Joe,” Schwartz said.

“The mission now is to turn all of this goodwill into the energy to vote,” Schwartz said. “We must turn likes into votes.”

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