This Dog Totally, Completely, Utterly Adores His Owners' Newborn Baby (PHOTO)

Family Dog Is Totally, Completely, Utterly In Love With This Baby

Look at that face!

On Saturday, Redditor jpdisco took a picture of his dog Juno adorably gazing at the family's newest member.

"We were a bit worried how the dog would react [to our first child] when we got home," jpdisco wrote. "Needless to say, she digs him."


The Redditor told The Huffington Post that his family began fostering 2-year-old Juno in June but ultimately decided to adopt her. We think they made the right decision.

Lately, the Internet has been one big baby-dog love fest. In September, a video of a golden retriever puppy loving up on an 8-month-old girl went viral. And this week, we've been feeling so many feelings while watching and re-watching this clip of a dog attempting to befriend a boy with Down Syndrome.

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