Cats And Dogs Are Now Totally Nailing The Mannequin Challenge

These animals take "sit, stay" to a whole new level.

Even the animal kingdom is getting in on the #MannequinChallenge.

Cats and dogs are following in the footsteps of celebrities, politicians and sports stars in participating in the craze, which has swept around the world since starting in U.S. high schools last month.

And in some cases, they’re even better than their human counterparts at standing entirely still. For instance, here’s Boston the boxer dog, whose owner Ryan Thomas panned a camera around while he was doing his chores:

After the above video of the Pittsburg, Kansas-based pooch went viral, Thomas decided Boston was ready for a second attempt ― and captured him helping him out at a gas station:

This adorable little Tennessee-based Jack Russell/Whippet mix named Ralfi has also been getting love for his serious mannequin-esque skills.

This pooch still has a little work to do. There’s some slight movement toward the end of the clip:

This dedicated dog even manages to keep its ears pricked up for the entirety of the video:

Here, a cat and a dog come together:

And this Louisiana-based Persian cat proves felines can have a strong mannequin game:

Finally, this pooch outshines all the humans who surround him:

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Ryan Thomas lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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