15 Dogs Explain Their Biggest Messes

If dogs could talk -- which, let’s face it, would be awesome -- we think they’d have some explaining to do. After all, most dogs make some pretty major messes from time to time. What do you think they would have to say for themselves? We partnered with Clorox and searched out some epic messes. Find out what happened when we questioned the dogs behind the disasters, and take our poll at the end of the article to vote for your favorite messy pooch.

1. Caught In The Act
small dog mess
Image: Sammy Carter

“If you turn off the lights, no one will see it.” -Felix

2. Search And Destroy
dog surrounded by junk
Image: Hana Kim and Pack

“I was trying to declutter. Step one is to assess what you have. I don’t know what step two is.” -Pancakes

3. Dirt Devil
dog knocked over plant
Image: Nicole O'Grady

“I guess I just don’t have a green thumb. Or any thumbs.” -Charlie

4. Cone Head
dog wearing cone
Image: Allan Shifman

“You told me not to bite the bandage. You never said a word about the couch.” -Lainey

5. Oh Hay!
dog surrounded by string
Image: Laura Vitty

“I would have preferred confetti. But -- oh well -- surprise!” -Noah

6. New Boots
dog muddy paws
Image: Diana at Sammie the Samoyed

“What makes you think I played in mud?” -Sammie

7. No Biggie
dog shredded pillow
Image: Laura Vitty

“Relax. Relax. I’ll go get the broom.” -Woolfie

8. Puff Doggie
dog shredded pillow outside
Image: Collin Reese

“Strange weather we’re having.” -Sandy

9. My Rights
puppy dog eyes
Image: Alison Raitt and Pack

“I’d like to speak to an attorney.” -Jasper Lily

10. Sleeping Poochie
dog biting foam
Image: Michelle Boykins

“What happened? I was asleep.” -Holly Berry

11. Hit And Run
dog overturned plant
Image: Sarah McKinnon and Pack

“I tried to get his license plate number.” -Ranger

12. Hairy Trotter
dog ate harry potter
Image: Cayla Edwards and Pack

“If you have the receipt, I think we can still return it.” -Huckleberry Finn

13. Kitchen Vandal
dog made mess in kitchen
Image: Marlyn Jimenez

“You know what? Why don’t we just go out for dinner?” -Richard

14. You Shouldn’t Have
dog ate christmas presents
Image: Cristina Robinson and Pack

“Sure, I saw the name tags. But -- come on -- I can’t read.” -Mr. Big

15. Hide Out
dog in grocery bag
Image: Alice Walter and Pack

“Why I am hiding? I guess you haven't seen what I did to the other grocery bags yet.” -Walter

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