Dog Nurses Kittens: Chihuahua Adopts 2 Kittens As Her Own, Nurses Them To Health (VIDEO)

Harmony, a 10-month-old chihuahua, is a mother of four — but they're not all puppies.

CBS Sacramento reports that a pet rescue foundation in Folsom, Calif., discovered the mother of two puppies had a lot of love to give. Soon after rescuing Harmony and her two pups from a shelter, the group also rescued two kittens who were going to be put down -- and who still needed a lot of nurturing.

"[The kittens] were crying, they were hungry and Harmony really started to panic, so I put them in with her puppies and she immediately took to them," said one of the foundation employees in a video.

"She's actually really happy that she has these babies," another worker told CBS Sacramento, "All [Harmony] knows is these are babies that need to be taken care of," she later added.

Harmony isn't the only giving pup who's taken it upon herself to raise another animal's children. Alabama resident Elbert Bristow orphaned four kittens when he accidentally ran over their mother. He gathered the kittens together and brought them to his 2-year-old dog Molly — who had recently given birth — and was surprised when she took them in as her own.

In a somewhat different situation, two baby red pandas were rejected by their mother at a Dutch zoo, but one of the zookeeper's house cats took the babies in along with her new litter of kittens and gave them a chance at life.

For more instances of animal moms who adopted babies of other species, check out the slideshow below:



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