Watch This Pup Stroll With His Parrot Friend

The tale of a man named Bunny and an unlikely pet friendship.

Who's a pretty Staffordshire bull terrier

That would be Dudley, who gets taken on a walk by his human Bernard "Bunny" Chamberlain every day. When it's warm out, Cracker the parrot hitches a ride on Dudley's back. 

Bunny is a 53-year-old bricklayer who lives in the city of Leicester, in Northern England. He told the Leicester Mercury that taking both his pets out at once "started as a bit of a laugh really," because Cracker doesn't like being left home alone.  

He's owned Cracker for nine years, and Dudley for six, Bunny said. It took Cracker a while to get used to Dudley, but once they bonded, they bonded hard. 

Staffordshire bull terriers are a controversial breed, not unlike pit bulls in the United States. But Bunny insists Dudley's a gentle pooch, unless other dogs get too close to Cracker. "He's very protective of her now," he explained.  

Stride on, you glorious trio. 


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