Dog's Penis Dominates Ad For Motor Master Floor Cleaner (PHOTO)

This dog's bark could very well be bigger than its bite.

An ad for Motor Master floor cleaner in Mexico features a full-frontal upward view of a dog's penis with the kicker: "What is on your floor is not always on your mind."

The print campaign (see photo below) from Grey Mexico has appeared in Mexico City's downmarket newspapers that emphasize sports, agency creative director Pepe Aguilar told The Huffington Post on Friday.

The client "wanted something very striking and very powerful for that kind of media," Aguilar said.

Except for one newspaper that initially wanted to censor the image, the ad has been well-received, he added. The ad fetched attention this week when it was posted on Ads of the World.

The canine star, by the way, is a Mexican Hairless, according to Aguilar.

That explains a lot.

dog penis ad
Credit: Grey Mexico

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