14 Dog Portraits That Show The Adorably Human Side Of Pups

Model status.

Well, this is doggone cute.

In a new photo series called “The Dog Show,” Moscow-based photographers Alexander Khokhlov and his wife Veronica Ershova capture the surprisingly human-like expressions of dogs.

There’s Marceille, a Saluki Persian greyhound who embodies the winking, tongue-out emoji:

You better werk.

Here’s Grand, an Old English Sheepdog who puts human hipsters to shame with his dog bun:

Hipster Santa vibes.

And then there’s Blake, a good boy Staffordshire Bull Terrier who deserves a medal for his smile:


The fetching photos were taken in Moscow at multiple photo sessions throughout this year. In an interview with HuffPost, Khoklov said he and his wife were amazed by the emotion and depth behind the dogs’ expressions.

“We saw hypnotizing looks, boring looks, skeptical looks, cunning looks, selfish looks, smiles, giggles, winks, sadness and happiness,” he said. “The project is ongoing, so we’re looking forward to showcasing even more personalities.”

Below, see more photos from impawsably cute photo series, which recently won a silver award at the Prix De La Photographie contest in Paris, France.

Adele the Xoloitzcuintli (aka Mexican Hairless Dog)
George the Bordeaux Mastiff
Michelle the German Wirehaired Pointer
Audrey the English Bulldog

Head here for more portraits and check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes-look at the photo shoot:

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