There's Way Too Much Cuteness In This New Dog-Rating Twitter Feed

How will your canine companion score?

Every dog has its day, and these adorable pups are having theirs thanks to an awesome new Twitter feed.

The "We Rate Dogs" account does exactly what its name suggests, and rates the cutest canines on the web.

Owners submit images of their beloved pets to @dog_rates to be judged out of 10. A verdict is given with a brief comical description of the dog in the snap.

Amazing pups are granted the highest score, while some are deemed to be so astonishingly pretty and pleasant that they get 11 or even 12 out of 10.

The account, set up in November, is the brainchild of business student Matt Nelson, who's studying at Campbell University in North Carolina, according to New York magazine.

The 19-year-old's feed has been running for less than four weeks, but already has more than 75,000 followers.

Nelson, who is originally from Virginia and has a golden retriever called Zoey, said he set up the account after noticing that followers of his personal @matt___nelson feed always enjoyed seeing jokes about dogs, New York magazine reported.

"Around three weeks ago I made a poll on Twitter asking whether I should start a dog-rating Twitter account. The idea was met with overwhelming optimism and now we're here," he told the Daily Mail, adding that just one friend helped him sift through the snaps.

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