Good Samaritans Rescue Stray Dog From A Ridiculously Tight Spot

The pup got her head stuck in a hole while searching for food.

All’s well that ends well.

After a stray dog got trapped inside a storm drain in northern Peru, good Samaritans came to her rescue and set her free.

The hungry canine, who’s since been named Nikki, was scavenging for food in a sewer tunnel in the San Martin region when she poked her head through a tiny hole in the wall and became stuck, Peruvian newspaper La República reports.

Local residents spotted the dog’s head poking out into the street and gave her food and water, while figuring out how best to free her from her tricky predicament. 

Video posted online shows locals and police first using a shovel to try to dig out some extra space under her head. When that didn’t work, they used a power drill to widen the hole.

The dog was soon freed and, after being lifted out of the sewer, walked off as if nothing had happened. The animal was later captured and found not to have suffered any injuries from the incident.

It’s not clear what has happened to Nikki since her rescue, but with her story now making headlines around the world, we hope this pup will have no trouble finding a forever home.