Dog Rescued After Being Shot and Tied to Train Tracks

Police in Florida received a call on Wednesday notifying them of gunshots. While searching the neighborhood, police heard a dog whimpering. They found the dog tied down to the train tracks, struggling for its life.

The dog had bullet wounds in its neck and shoulder. The police immediately alerted trains to stop so that they could get the dog off the tracks where it was tied down. Police rushed the dog to the vet. Although the dog lost a leg due to her injuries, her life was saved.


"She's doing well. She's eating, she's drinking, she's in good spirits," said Mike Lord, a veterinary nurse.

How can an individual bring themselves to do this? They must be truly sick and disturbed, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

The police have put out a public call asking for information about the dog. "All of the tips are leading officers in the right direction," said Sgt. Gary Coller.

We wish this rescued pup the happiest life moving forward. We hope a loving individual or family will adopt her and give her the life she truly deserves. A thank you is owed to the heroic police officers for helping this injured, scared, and desperate dog. You are true heroes of the law.

To the horrible individual(s) who did this to a innocent animal: You will be caught, as will anyone else who thinks they can treat animals like this. Animal activists are everywhere, and we are more than happy to share the information we have with authorities to find and punish you. We at Rescue Idiot can't wait to read the papers when this individual is arrested.

If you have any information, please contact the Tampa Police Department.

Rescue Idiot
Chris S.

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