Dogs Rescued From Icy Lakes Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes For Christmas (VIDEOS)

We've got an easy recipe for a holiday cocktail called Christmas Tears: One part howling dog, one part frozen lake, and one part heroic effort by firefighters. Mix well.

We got sand in our eyes when we saw a video shared by MSN this morning of a dog in Indiana who was rescued by firefighters. The poor pooch, named Bronx, was walking with his human near their home in Evansville on Saturday when he ran onto an icy lake and fell in.

In the video above, Bronx can be heard howling for help as volunteer firefighters -- donning special cold-weather suits -- swim out to rescue him. The (really, really good) dog is expected to make a full recovery.

But if you thought that was the end of our canine camaraderie for the day, you were wrong. Dogs are being rescued from frozen lakes all across this wintery wonderland called the United States of America.

Earlier this month, volunteer firefighters in New Jersey rescued Trixie, an adorable 2-year-old golden retriever who, like Bronx, got stuck in a snow-rimmed lake:

Crews were able to send a raft out to Trixie, who was stuck on a patch of ice. She was shaken up and cold, but she's expected to recover.

The situation isn't always as dire, but man is always willing to help his best friend. In January, a dog was stuck on a frozen Lake Michigan as emergency workers rallied to try and save him. He wasn't stuck in the water, but the pup refused to leave the ice. The Chicago Police Department Marine Unit sent a person onto the lake and tranquilized the dog for the rescue attempt. Get ready to cry again!



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