After Mudslide, Family Miraculously Finds Dog While Sifting Through Rubble

After a mudslide destroyed dozens of homes in Washington, one family feared they would never see their dog again. But when they returned to their property in Darrington, they discovered their beloved "Buddy" among the rubble.

In a video filmed by a member of the Kuntz family, the dog is rescued from the mudslide wreckage. Everyone screams with joy after they discover the pooch survived the ordeal and was stuck in the debris.

Rescuers worked as a team to pull the chocolate Labrador retriever from the rubble and carry him to safety. Though a bit dirty, the pup appeared to be OK and wags his tail when he is reunited with his family.

"We were looking through all the rubble and we heard the dog whining," son Quinton Kuntz told KOMO-TV. "I just broke down crying, really happy that my dog was alright."

In another dramatic rescue video filmed this week, a 4-year-old boy is pulled from the second floor of a destroyed home by a team in a helicopter.

A fundraising campaign has been launched on GiveForward to help the Kuntz family get back on their feet.

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