Dog Rescues Other Dog Stuck In Drainpipe In California (VIDEO)

It was the ultimate dog rescue last week in Sacramento, California. When Rowdy, a rat terrier went on a walk with his owner last Wednesday, he began barking like crazy. It turns out he was barking at another dog, Casper, stuck in an 8-inch drain pipe.

According to ABC News 10, it's possible that Casper, a 15-year old miniature schnauzer, was stuck in the pipe for up to three days before Rowdy discovered the exhausted dog.

Upon learning about their stuck pet, Casper's owners, the Herdandez family, ran to the local fire station. The firefighters immediately devised a unique plan involving a hose and a teddy bear.

The dog was successfully rescued and returned to his appreciative owners, and the firefighters were happy to have helped. As Sacramento Metro spokesman Christian Pebbles proudly explained, "That's what we do. We always save lives, whether they're human or they're animals."

While rat terriers are known for their skill at finding vermin, it seems that rat terrier Rowdy is also skilled at finding dogs.

WATCH this creative dog rescue: