Valiant Dog Named RuPaul Helps Save Woman From Sexual Assault

RuPaul and fellow canine hero Louie sprang to their owner's defense when a man attacked her in a cemetery.

An Australian woman says she narrowly escaped a horrific attack by a stranger this week, thanks to her two small dogs, Louie and RuPaul.

The woman, whose name has not been released, said she was walking her two dogs in Williamstown Cemetery on June 29 around 8:30 p.m, according to a statement this week from Victoria Police. She said a man approached her from behind, pushed her to the ground and tried to remove her pants.

At that point, RuPaul and Louie ― a rescue Shih Tzu and terrier, respectively ― sprang to her defense, the Australian Broadcast Corp. reports.

“They viciously attacked him — like growling, biting — and I think with my screaming and the struggling it made him stop,” she told the outlet. “It’s amazing and I keep thinking about would have happened if they had run off or not … done anything.”

Police are searching for the perpetrator and seeking any information the public may have, according to Australian outlet 7News.

Detective Senior Constable Jenna Sladek has commended the canines as “little heroes.”

Human RuPaul, the TV host and pop icon, has made it clear that he approves of his valiant namesake, retweeting a story about the incident with the comment, “THIS!”

Elsewhere in the land down under, the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby welcomed an orphaned kangaroo known as Roo-Paul in November.



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