7 Hacks To Make Your Dog's Life Even Better (And Safer)


A dog's life is the best life. Responsibilities include greeting humans at the door with happy tail wagging, licking babies' sticky fingers and making others laugh by eating peanut butter.

To optimize the pleasure that is being a dog, ask your human to work on a few of these simple hacks, as demonstrated by Crazy Russian Hacker.

Hot dogs who want to cool down should request a kiddie pool filled with ice. You dogs will be thrilled to pounce, munch, lounge and dig.


Sheddy dogs who enjoy relaxing on the couch should show their humans this trick. With help from a rubber glove, removing pesky dog hair from the fabric is a breeze. See, human?


Dogs: Check out the video above for more simple hacks to make your life (and your human's) more fun and a little bit safer, too.

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