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Dog Looks Like Samuel L. Jackson, Named 'Samuel L. Dogson' (PHOTO)

This Mother F---ing Dog Looks Like Mother F---ing Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Dogson, whose name is inspired by (you guessed it!) Samuel L. Jackson, has all the confidence and no-nonsense attitude of his namesake.

And, while his hat and glasses do help drive home the persona, it's worth mentioning that a Huffington Post photo editor told us the hat was surely added in Photoshop.

It's not exactly clear why this hat needed to be added, since, even if a real hat didn't stay perfectly centered on Dogson's head, it still would have been better than a digitally added cranium accessory.

Dogson is just one of the dogs-who-look-like-people who have burst onto the scene in recent months.

Chuchi, a Pekingese and poodle mix who looks just like Steve Buscemi, made a name for himself last month.

And the dogfather of canines who look like people is Tonik, the human-faced dog.

Check out the latest edition to this burgeoning, dare we say, meme, below:

Hat tip: Fark via Uproxx

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