Video Of Suspected Bike Thief Takes ‘Peculiar Turn’ When Dog Shows Up

Surveillance footage of the crook features a surprising twist.

Police in San Diego are searching for a burglar who took some time out from stealing a $1,300 bicycle to pet the family dog.

Surveillance video shared by San Diego Police Department shows a man on July 15 walking away from an open garage in the Pacific Beach neighborhood with a 2019 black Electra three-speed bike.

But he doubles back when the dog runs out of the garage, tail wagging.

“You’re so cool. You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known,” the man says on the video, rubbing the dog’s belly. “Who’s your dad?” the crook continues, saying the owner “should not leave your garage open.”

“I love you too,” he coos to the dog. “You’re a sweetheart.”

The man then wheels the bike away. The dog watches, tail still wagging.

Watch the video here:

Police described the man-pet encounter on Facebook as “a rather peculiar turn of events.”

The bike is “distinct,” police said, with “’8-ball’ caps on the tire valves, an ‘8-ball’ logo on the frame, and a rear wheel frame marked with a checkered black and white pattern.”

The thief remains at large.

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