'Pooh' The Poodle Saves Blind Woman, Nancy Jones, From Gas Leak (VIDEO)

A seeing-eye dog saved his legally blind owner Nancy Jones from a gas leak in her east Talladega, Alabama home according to ABC 3340.

Jones started feeling lightheaded and dizzy while folding sheets when her poodle, Pooh, came to her with her leash.

"The next thing I know Pooh was nudging me to put on her leash, she went and got herself," Jones told ABC 2 News. "Brought it to me, made me put it on her and literally drug me out the front door."

It wasn't until after they were safely out of the house that Jones realized there was a gas leak in her home and that her dog Pooh had just saved her life.

"Words can't describe, they really can't...You don't realize how important these dogs are to visually impaired or the deaf or people who have seizures," Jones said told ABC. "She saved my life."

Jones got Pooh from Pilot Dog, Inc, an Ohio-based non-profit, nearly 3 years ago. Pilot Dog, Inc. provides highly trained dog guides to blind individuals.