Barking Dog, Teenager Credited With Saving Elderly Woman's Life

A barking dog helped lead an Indiana teenager to an elderly woman, helping to save her life, police said this week.

Indeed Sean Kilgore, 15, was in his Alexandria home late Sunday night when he heard his German shepherd Gunner "barking like crazy," Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson told

Kilgore walked outside on the porch and heard a very faint sound coming from somewhere on his street. At first he thought he might be imagining the sound but decided to investigate anyway. He got on his coat and followed the voice, which grew louder and louder and ultimately led him to the home of an elderly woman.

The teenager immediately called 911 and told the emergency operator that someone inside was screaming for help.

Authorities arrived at the scene and discovered 82-year-old Margie Humphrey lying on the garage floor. They say she had fallen and couldn't get up and so had been stuck on the ground for at least 12 hours.

On Monday, both the woman and her daughter told police they believe the high school freshman and his dog had saved Humphrey's life.

In another good news story involving a 15 year old earlier this year, Temar Boggs of Pennsylvania helped save a 5-year-old abducted girl named Jocelyn Rojas.