Loyal Dog Saves Owner During House Fire, And He Returns The Favor

Bailey the dog alerted her owner to the blaze, but she needed some help getting out herself.

Robert Bova credits his older brother, Randy and their dog, Bailey, with saving each other’s lives.

Bailey is freaked out after the experience, but otherwise OK.
Bailey is freaked out after the experience, but otherwise OK.

On Saturday, the home they share with their mother in Guilford, Connecticut, caught fire — likely from a plugged-in weed whacker, Robert said, though authorities haven’t stated an official cause. The fire devastated their home, but if Bailey hadn’t been around, it could have been much, much worse.

“[Randy] was in his room with the door shut, listening to music, cleaning his room,” Robert said. “He had no idea, he didn’t smell anything because it started on the other side of the house.”

But Bailey noticed, bolting upstairs and barking frantically outside of his door — something Robert said was “not normal” for her. Randy followed Bailey downstairs and found an overwhelming amount of smoke.

That’s where Randy saving Bailey’s life comes in. The frightened, confused dog ran into her kennel to hide, and the man had to pull her out and carry her out of the house.

Bailey, the hero dog.
Bailey, the hero dog.

“It wasn’t till then that Randy realized the entire house was engulfed in flames,” Robert on a GoFundMe page set up to help with the family’s expenses. The whole family, including Bailey, was staying in a local motel as of Wednesday evening.

Robert believes Bailey “absolutely” saved his brother’s life.

“It’s a blessing that we have her as pet,” he said.



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