Dog Spray Can Explosion Explained By LAFD & Pet Sense (VIDEO)

Dogs are known to get into things like flower beds, freshly-made beds and even a new pair of shoes -- but what happens when they get into hazardous cleaning supplies? The Pet Collective recently found out that not only is it not a laughing matter, but it is incredibly dangerous to both the animal and it's human owners.

Hali Hudson and her Corgi, Yogi were filming a segment for the premiere episode of Pet Sense, when her beloved pet bit into a spray can that was beneath the kitchen sink. Instantly, the spray can erupted and covered both the kitchen and Yogi with black residue. Moments after Hudson takes her dog out of the kitchen, an explosion ignites the kitchen in flames.


The Los Angeles Fire Department was happy to announce that both Hudson and her dog were okay following the horrifying incident, but they urged viewers to take this as a lesson:

Yes, commom supplies kept in your cabinets can easily poison a member of your household or ignite an inferno. A scouring pet or child - or the light shaking of an earthquake, may be all it takes to cause a spill or mixture that creates a witches' brew right under your kitchen sink.

In a follow-up video, Hudson says, "I don't keep cleaning supplies underneath my cabinet at all anymore ... I've learned my lesson."


The U.S. Fire Administration has many tips to make the home safer and to prevent things like this from happening again. For example, buying only the amount of cleaning product needed, following instructions on the label to determine the best place to store the product and safely locking all shelves and cabinets to prevent spilling can go a long way to keep pets and owners safe. Read the complete list here.

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