Dog Steals Pizza, Tries Setting Place On Fire To Destroy Evidence

Bad dog!

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Posted by Gary LeClerc on Sunday, September 27, 2015

A dog's plot to steal a slice of pizza before setting a home on fire was foiled when two quick-thinking humans came to the rescue. 

The daring September heist was captured on surveillance video by owner Gary LeClerc, but is only now making its viral rounds.

The suspect, identified as 2-year-old chocolate lab Brookfield, can be seen rooting through one of two pizza boxes hoping to nab his treasure. In the process, Brookfield turns on the stove, and moments later the box catches on fire. 

LeClerc and his wife were quick to the rescue, putting out the blaze after it burned for approximately 30 seconds. Investigators believe the fire was started as both a diversion, and to destroy any existing evidence.

It's unknown at this time if the other dogs featured in the video were accomplices to the crime, though it does appear they are acting as lookout.

Brookfield has been charged with being a bad dog and could face a hefty time-out or a swat on the snout with a newspaper. 

The investigation is ongoing.