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This Dog Raised By Cats Seems To Think She, Too, Is A Cat

This dog, who is a dog, believes she is a cat.

This is Tally.

She is a part-husky who grew up around cats. And, according to her owner, she acts just like one. Even though she's most definitely a dog. Just look at her size!

Like many cats, Tally enjoys nestling up in small spaces -- like in boxes.

Tally doesn't make much noise. She likes to people watch and gaze out the window.

She has the introverted tendencies of a feline.

When Tally was a puppy, she still looked like a dog.

Despite the available surface area, Tally doesn't like her belly rubbed.

"She'll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop," writes her owner.

But, that doesn't mean she's not playful.

Or talented.

And Tally enjoys a good, old-fashioned cat-like sunbathing session.

Cat, dog or cat-dog, Tally's a girl we'd be honored to meet.

All photos are supplied by imgur uploader xlinnea. Surely you crave more photos of Tally in action as a cat. Check out her whole story, here.

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