These Dog TikToks Can Make Social Isolation Feel Way Less Ruff

If you're feeling blue because of the coronavirus outbreak, these pup videos are a man's best friend.

We get it — staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak can feel like a major puggle.

Self-isolation is terrier us all up inside, leaving many of us feeling lonely, bored or panicky — but don’t whimper just yet.

We curated a few very good dog TikToks that will hopefully make you roll over with laughter.

So if you’re going mutts right now, think of this post as your emotional support animal — one that’s paws-itvely hilarious.

And if you need more funny pet content in your life, check out our list of cat TikToks right meow (or ya know, after you’ve watch all the videos below).

So sit, stay and enjoy!

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