Dog Thrown Off Bridge From Moving Car 'Like Garbage' Gets Her Fairy-Tale Ending

Daisy's story took a delightful turn after she was left for dead just a short drive from an animal shelter.

Daisy the dog is one lucky pup.

The 4-year-old canine escaped unharmed after a plastic tote she was inside was tossed from a moving car off a bridge in Orange County, Florida, last week.

A witness contacted police, who along with an animal welfare official climbed down a steep, brush-filled embankment to reach the animal.

In a statement shared on Facebook, Orange County Animal Services lamented how Daisy had been “thrown away like garbage.”

More puzzling, it said, was how it happened just “a short drive from the shelter.”

“There are literally hundreds of private rescues that would be willing to take in a sweet and gentle dog for foster or adoption,” it continued. “And yet someone chose instead to commit this act of cruelty.”

Daisy got her fairy-tale ending, though, with animal services revealing she’s since been adopted.

She is “a truly amazing dog,” they noted.

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