Marcia Pinkstaff Has Dog 'Totaled' After Hit By Minivan In Crosswalk

If a car gets "totaled" by an insurance company, that means the cost to repair the car exceeds the value of the car itself. Insurance companies typically then cut the car's owner a check for the value of the car and call it good.

But what if a dog gets "totaled?" That's the question a Parker, Colorado, woman had to ask late last week after her dog Sasha was hit in a crosswalk by a minivan. "She didn't see us and she hit Sasha, very, very hard," Marcia Pinkstaff, Sasha's owner told The Denver Channel.

According to ABC11, the driver's insurance company offered to pay for one or two trips to the vet, after which the dog would be 'totaled.' The company offered to buy Pinkstaff a replacement puppy.

flickr photo via darkuncle