When This Man's Girlfriend Gave Him An Ultimatum, He Chose The Dog

When This Man's Girlfriend Gave Him An Ultimatum, He Chose The Dog

From dividing up belongings to moving out of a shared apartment, breakups can be tough. But what do you do when you have a furry friend to further complicate matters?

For Scott Ladauti, the decision was easy. When it came to choosing between salvaging his relationship and keeping his dog, he didn’t hesitate.

"When [my girlfriend] gave the ultimatum, it really wasn’t a question," he told HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd. "I lived in my car for, like, four days with my dog before my parents would let us come back to their house. But I would have been homeless with her forever."

As Laudati explained, his relationship had been on the rocks for a while.

"I sort of got the dog, I guess, to try to save the relationship," he said. "I mean, I’d always wanted a dog, and we were living in a terrible area, so I thought getting a dog was probably the best idea. I mean, we would have fallen apart anyway. This definitely accelerated it."

Laudati said he saw the warning signs of a breakup long before the two officially parted ways. But when he looked back on his relationship and his choice to end it, he firmly stood by his decision.

"Every time the dog did something wrong, I would take the dog’s side," he said. "And we would just get in a fight about that too. So it was bad all around, but I made the right choice for sure."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about breakups and pets here.

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