Dog Runs Through Water Fountain, Is Basically The Happiest Creature On Earth

This has got to be the definition of happiness:


A YouTuber says she was on her way to her job at Central Saint Martins College in London when she spotted this dog frolicking -- or “dancing,” as she put it -- in the water fountain outside.

“It is amazing how animals have the ability to teach humans to enjoy the simple pleasures in life,” she wrote.

The video of the dog’s water fountain playtime has gone viral in recent weeks, racking up more than 179,000 views since being uploaded on Sep. 11.

“Sometimes I think dogs are a bit like us when we are about 8 years old: living in the moment and still full of wonder at the world around us,” one Redditor wrote on Tuesday after seeing a GIF of the happy dog on the social news site.

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