Twitter Users Passionately Debate How Dogs Should Wear Pants

The Internet debate to end all Internet debates.

The Internet has a special talent for answering the questions we never knew we wanted the answers to.

And its most recent debate has sparked a massive upheaval amongst Twitter users. On Monday night, Maxim writer Jared Keller asked a question of vital importance: How on earth is a dog supposed to wear human pants?

In Keller's own words, "the Internet quickly lost its damned mind." The photo currently has more than 30,000 retweets and over 35,000 likes.

Users stood resolute in their responses, tweeting photos of real-life dogs wearing pants and providing (somewhat) rational reasoning for their strong opinions.

Are the front paws "the hands" and the back paws "the feet?" Or should all four of the dog's legs be treated as legs when it comes to wearing pants? It's a mystery for the ages, that's for sure.

In a follow-up Maxim article, Keller notes that he is not the original creator of the image, tracing it back to a Facebook page called Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine, self-described as "Memes I guess idk."

The page administrator, a 19-year-old graphic design student in Belgium identified as Norbert K., told The Huffington Post that he created the image after seeing a photo of his girlfriend's dog, Rocky, wearing pants on its hind legs and wondered if there was another option. 

"[The photo] made me think about how technically his pants should go on every leg (not just two) because he’s not a human. So I've drawn both versions. I wanted to hear other people's opinion," he said. "Dogs don't wear pants on their own so this is all just a human problem."

We may never have a concrete answer, but in the meantime, you can cast your vote in the poll below to bring us closer to a conclusion.

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