Ripple The Dog Might Need To Brush Up On His Broadcast Journalism Skills

Edmonton, Canada weatherman Mike Sobel wanted to get on with the day's forecast this past Wednesday, but Ripple the dog just wasn't having it.

Sobel, who has been bringing shelter dogs on air with him for about 15 years to promote adoption, says that the mastiff mix was the "most rambunctious" co-host he's ever had. The hilarious Global News segment has gone viral, racking up almost three million views on YouTube since its posting Friday.

At first Sobel tried (and failed) to convince the energetic Ripple to sit calmly, which got a lot of laughs from his crew. Then, the dog began a game of a tug of war with the anchor, which resulted in even more fun. Sobel was almost knocked over by the playful pooch, but he didn't seem to mind too much.

"The bottom line was … I wanted to get that dog adopted,” Sobel told Global News of his determination to keep Ripple onscreen and in focus.

Ripple is in the care of the Edmonton Humane Society, according to their website. His pet profile says that despite his newfound celebrity, he's still the down-to-earth dog he always was.

"I haven't let all the fame go to my head though; I am still a loving boy looking for a forever home," the profile reads.

H/T Gawker

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