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The Definitive Guide to Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

Gonna put a ring on it? Put a shirt on it, first. (On your dog, not your intended. Don't make it weird.)
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Pup parents, rejoice! From proposal to post-party, we've got the wedding of your dog-lovin' dreams covered!

Pup the Question:

Gonna put a ring on it? Put a shirt on it, first. (On your dog, not your intended. Don't make it weird.) There are lots of customizable options for pup proposal attire, all you have to do is choose one -- your pooch will take care of the rest!

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What's better than one pup? A whole pack of 'em who are ready to lend a paw for your engagement! Breed-specific meetup groups and dog park friends are great resources for enlisting help. Add a few details you know your beloved would adore, and you've got one perfect proposal!

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Time to shout it from the rooftops: You're gettin' hitched! Why not let your pup bark about it in your engagement photos or on your save the dates?

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Paper goods are a simple way to feature your favorite pup. Incorporate your own photos or sniff out unique illustrations!

During the Ceremony:

Maybe they can't give a toast or plan your bachelor party, but your pup can certainly be a Guest of Pawnor. Give them a special task like announcing the bride...

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Or helping folks find their seats.

Fancy up that leash and let 'em escort a flower girl...

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...or bridesmaid (groomsmen are dogs anyway... #amirite?)

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Have your pup fetch the rings.

If the bride's parents are unable to give her away, a beloved pup can be the perfect stand-in. *Just watch out for overzealous puppy kisses if you care about what your makeup looks like!

If Your Pup Had To RSVPee "No":

Feature fido in a custom cake topper! Once again, Etsy is your best friend.

Add your pooch's dog tag to the bouquet, so they can attend in spirit. (Just make sure you leave proper identification with your dog-sitter.)

Instead of giving away favors no one really wants (looking at you, Jordan almonds), let your guests know that you've made a donation in their honor to the rescue or animal rights organization of your choice.


Congrats! You threw an incredible wedding, no doubt. (Or, you paid someone else to make sure you did. DIY birdhouse centerpieces made of reclaimed wood? Ain't nobody got time for that, Pinterest!) Time to thank the wonderful people in your life for celebrating your love. Why not send a thank you note from the whole family?

If your pooch was in attendance, use your favorite photo from the fête to say thanks!

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Or, peruse Etsy for all the dog-centric paper goods you could ever hope to find.

Tips For Party Animals:

  • Designate a dog-loving friend or relative who your pet is already familiar with to keep an eye on your pooch. It's going to be a long, busy day, and you want to be sure someone is on hand to take care of your pup when you aren't able to.

  • Make sure your pup point person has extra treats, food, water, and comforting toys from home.
  • Let your dog get acquainted with the venue and their duties at the rehearsal, just like the rest of the bridal party!
  • Make sure your pooch doesn't get overheated, either due to weather or attire.
  • If your dog is taking part in the ceremony, make sure they've had a chance to go to the bathroom beforehand. Don't let this be your story:

    Featured Image via Darcy Preece Photography

    Featured image by Darcy Preece Photography

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