'Dogcam' Gives Search And Rescue Efforts A Canine Point Of View (VIDEO)

WATCH: Search And Rescuers Aided By 'Dogcam'

Looking at things from a dog's perspective may not be the first idea for those charged with an important task, but one company in the U.K. is helping search and rescue teams do just that.

In the video below from the BBC, a dog equipped with a new camera system is able to help rescuers easily find an individual trapped in a collapsed house as part of a training exercise.

British firm Wood & Douglas has developed a canine-mounted "dogcam" known as PAWS, which stands for portable, all-terrain, wireless system, according to ABC News.

Along with search and rescue, Wood & Douglas is confident their system will have other uses. BBC News reports that police, fire and military personnel will be able to use the camera during operations such as fugitive searches, drug raids and avalanche rescues.

Robin Furniss, a dog handler who has been testing the PAWS system, said in Britain's Littlehampton Gazette, "It could prove useful in the future, as it is not always possible for firefighters to enter a collapsed building due to the unstable nature of the structure. On these occasions a dog can be sent in as they are lighter and able to move around more safely in these confined conditions."

As brave as the PAWS-equipped pooches will be, sometimes dogs are the ones being rescued. A couple near Los Angeles has adopted 29 wolf dogs from Alaska and hired military veterans to work at their rescue center. A dog that was buried in a recent avalanche in Montana surprised rescuers when it returned to his deceased owner's hotel after four days in the woods.


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