With A Single Tweet, Anonymous Twitter User Donates $11,000 To Bring Clean Water To Kenya

Anonymous Twitter users are often associated with trolling the Internet, spreading rumors and promoting hateful rhetoric through their faceless accounts. But that's not the case with user @savethemhood, who just made Twitter history in the coolest way ever.

Through one simple tweet, @savethemhood gave roughly $11,000, or 14,000,000 dogecoins, to Doge4Water, an initiative helping to bring clean water to Kenya. According to Forbes, that's the most money ever donated directly through a single tweet.

The user @savethemhood is part of the dogecoin community, the members of which use dogecoin, a form of digital currency, to buy products, trade for other currencies, "tip" online users who create or share great content, or -- in @savethemhood's case -- help impoverished communities.

By sending the tweet to an automated donation bot, @savethemhood gave more than a third of Doge4Water's overall goal of $30,000, which will go toward digging wells in Kenya, NBC News reports. Doge4Water was hoping to reach its target by World Water Day on March 22, and @savethemhood's massive gift sealed the deal.

Interested in helping Doge4Water bring clean water to Kenya? Visit their website to learn more and make a donation.



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