Dogs Can Now Legally Dine At New York Restaurants

You have some sauce on your whiskers, sir.

Foodie dogs of New York who've just been dying to try the lobster bisque at that hip new corner bistro will want to perk up their velvety ears.

You listening?

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed the state's "Dining With Dogs" bill on Tuesday, permitting restaurants to allow dogs to accompany their owners in outdoor dining areas. The law, which takes effect immediately, lets New York restaurants decide whether or not they'll open patio areas to dogs.

“Taking the whole family out to dinner takes on a new meaning now that my bill has become law," said Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (D), who created the bill. “Restaurant owners can now cash in on all the doting dog owners throughout our state who had previously stayed home just to be with their pup.”

The New York City Department of Health opposed the bill, calling the move "unsanitary." But proponents argued the change could increase revenue for restaurant businesses and do wonders for pets and their people, like preventing dogs from being left in hot cars and promoting family outings.


J Hatcher

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